shopify product customizer

Hikipuu's Success with Konfigear's Configurator and Shopify Integration

In the world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the competition often hinges on the seamless integration of technology and user experience. Hikipuu, a renowned sauna and jacuzzi retailer, recognized this need and collaborated with Konfigear to implement an innovative product configurator solution. This case study explores how Konfigear's advanced software not only simplified Hikipuu's sales process but also led to a remarkable 200% increase in revenue.

  • Intuitive Design Interface The configurator offers an easy-to-use interface, powered by React and React Three Fiber, enabling customers to visualize their selections in real-time.
  • Instant Pricing Calculation As customers make their selections, the configurator dynamically updates the pricing, ensuring transparency and aiding in quicker decision-making
  • Seamless Shopify Integration The integration with Shopify streamlines the ordering process, allowing for a smooth transition from design to purchase without leaving the platform.
  • Rapid Customization to Checkout The entire process from customization to checkout can be completed in just a few minutes, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of purchase.