Magento Store with Interactive 3D Customization

Magento Product Configurator

Increase sales with augmented reality visualization and 3D product configuration integrated into your Shopify store.

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Introducing Konfigear’s Magento Integration

Unlock the Full Potential of Your E-Commerce Experience

Unlock the full potential of your Magento store with Konfigear’s advanced 3D product configurator. Our state-of-the-art software seamlessly integrates with Magento, transforming your online shop into an interactive and immersive shopping experience.

Main features

Features of Konfigear’s Magento Product Configurator

Interactive 3D Display

Showcase your products in stunning 3D

Customization Options

Allow customers to choose colors, textures, parts, and more

Real-Time Pricing Updates

Automatically update prices as customers customize products

Augmented Reality Integration

Offer an AR view to visualize products in real environments

Magento Integration

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