Product Configurator Software

Backyard Pod's Interactive Customization and Instant Quoting

Discover how our innovative backyard builder and visualizer transforms Backyard Pod.

Design, customize, and visualize your dream backyard pod with multiple options. Get instant quotes and bring your ideas to life effortlessly

  • 3D Configurator Our platform's centerpiece is the 3D Configurator, developed using advanced graphics and rendering technologies. It allows customers to select, customize, and view their backyard pods in a fully interactive 3D environment. This tool provides a realistic representation of how the pod will look in their space, enabling customers to make informed design choices.
  • Dimensions Customization Understanding that each backyard is unique, we incorporated a feature that allows users to input specific dimensions for their pods. This customization ensures that the final product is not just visually appealing but also practically suited to the customer's available space
  • Real-Time Pricing As customers select and customize their pods, the platform calculates the cost in real-time. This transparency in pricing helps customers make budget-informed decisions throughout the design process.
  • Real-Time Quote Creation Upon finalizing their design, customers can instantly generate a detailed quote. This feature streamlines the decision-making process, as it provides a comprehensive breakdown of the costs associated with their custom design.

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