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WooCommerce Product Configurator

Unlock the full potential of your e-commerce platform with Konfigear's advanced WooCommerce integration.

Tailor-made for businesses seeking a robust, user-friendly, and customizable online store, our solution bridges the gap between your unique products and customers.

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Enhance Your Online Store with Advanced Features

Bringing Efficiency and Realism to Your E-commerce Experience

Designed to blend effortlessly with WooCommerce, our suite of tools enhances your online store, making it more dynamic, user-friendly, and visually stunning. Experience a new level of interaction and engagement with your customers

Main features

Our solutions for your
WooCommerce shop

Manage your Woocommerce Product

Effortlessly organize and update your product listings, ensuring your catalog always reflects your current offerings

Update Your Pricing Instantly

Implement real-time pricing changes with ease. Stay agile in your pricing strategy to meet market demands

2D or 3D Configurator

Offer your customers a customizable experience with our advanced 2D and 3D product configurators. Enhance their buying journey with interactive and detailed views of your products

Augmented Reality Functionality

Transform your customers' shopping experience with AR technology. Allow them to visualize products in their own space, boosting engagement and confidence in their purchase decisions

Case Study

WooCommerce MT Solar's Transformation Story

Explore how MT Solar revolutionized their e-commerce shopping experience using Konfigear’s tools. From product selection to checkout, learn how we helped them fully automate their sales process, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction