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How an Online Product Configurator can Drive you More Sales

The sales industry is rapidly growing more than ever today. In a split second, fresh competitors arise, products identical to yours are released in the market, and before you know it, it’s a race to the top. Finding new people to purchase, promote, or appreciate your product/service is one of the extremely crucial parts of the whole sales process. It is undoubtedly tough for some people, but if your primary objective is to drive more sales to your product, then it is vital that you choose the perfect strategy for your potential customer.


Do you have a unique and exciting product but isn’t gaining the appropriate number of customers? Well, that won’t be a problem anymore because Online Configurator is here to help you clear all such obstacles. Thus, driving insane traffic to your product.


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But how a product configurator can drive sales ?

Displaying your entire variety of product options online permits your customers to configure their product selection, exact delivery rates, and receive quotes immediately. Moreover, An online configurator is used for guiding the customers to make the best possible buying decision, keeping in mind their requirements and budget. This guided selling strategy recognizes opportunities to promote products of higher value and create various other revenue streams such as warranties and add-ons. In other words, an online configurator makes your product easy to buy or sell. And not only that, but it also helps in creating strong relationships with the customers, which results in brand loyalty. It has a massive impact on your entire sales procedure and your way of delivering the product to market. Let’s have a look at some of its exciting features.


An online configurator possesses the ability to allow your dealers, sales team, customers, and distributors to effortlessly configure your products. Moreover, it also enables the customers to view your product in 3D on every device. You have access to it anytime and anywhere, that’s what impresses everyone the most.
It gives you a feeling of having an incredibly experienced product manager at your fingertips; offering the best possible solution, while simultaneously assuring that products are being made, and the quoted price is profitable and convenient.


With manufacturing, built-in design and costing rules, an online configurator eliminates the need for brief product knowledge, assists in translating features of the products into value and benefits, and decreases costs that arise due to errors and incomplete proposals.
Customer’s queries are dealt with rather smoothly. An increase in the throughput is observed without
the need for extra personnel. Thus leading to more orders and a much more delightful buying
experience for all of your customers.

Easy to set-up and operate

A highly profitable and appealing online configurator is easy to set-up, maintain, and function.
Surprising, isn’t it? There are a few things you need to know to get the sales configurator up and

  • Pick and place known web-controls such as drop-down list, text boxes, and images.
  • Use your knowledge of the product to figure out how the form would react to the user input.
  • Now by using the design automation tools by Konfigear, or your templates, add a little back-end

All these 3D models, forms, and design rules are only created once. When you’re done making it, you
can use them over and over again on any device you own – be it mobile, desktop or laptop.